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maildir gem versus IMAP et. al.

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I had trouble using the NNTP gems available, so I've setup a mailman Mail<->News gateway which is delivered as maildir to my home directory. Maildir seems fine with me, and the gem looks good. Now onto parsing the messages.

To parse e-mails, the maildir gem would be fit the bill? Might it be useful to install an IMAP server and then use an IMAP type gem? I haven't researched such a gem first, just wondering what the most mature or used gem is,and whether it's warranted to switch to IMAP (or something else) to use it..

Is there maybe a high level ROR app for parsing e-mails I'm not aware of? Or, is it the case that the maildir gem is "sufficiently" high level enoughfor parsing e-mails? I don't want to get into the weeds too much on this.

I have seen some interesting ruby e-mail programs, sup looks interesting. However, I have to RTFM on it a bit, not sure to what extent it just tags e-mails, or whether you can really parse and process it. Or maybe another program? I think I saw "notmuchmail", IIRC, which also looked interesting.

I don't want to re-invent the wheel, unless it's fun to do so.

Down the road, this might be a ROR project for me. For the moment, it's only parsing e-mails, and then maybe populating a database.

So, just any general advice on how to proceed down this path, any particular pitfalls or well traveled paths?

I was surprised to find just one useful question on stackoverflow:


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