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Templating and XML modelling

Martin Sand Christensen
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At our IT department we've developed a basic templating system for web
apps in the spirit of Meld3 (which appears to have been abandoned some
time ago), based on lxml. Here's what we like about it:

* It's just a library, not a template language
* It uses templates that are valid XHTML
* It's trivial to generate tables and forms from database metadata
* It's trivial to fill named elements la format strings

While we like it, it's more code to maintain. Between the time when we
started coding this and now, more new templating systems have appeared
than I can reasonably evaluate. So now the question is whether we can
find a good replacement or whether we should publish our code and hope
that more people will adopt and help maintain it.


1) Can you suggest a good alternative that sounds like a good fit?
2) Does our templating system sound like just what you've been looking for?

Martin Sand Christensen
IT Services, Dept. of Electronic Systems
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