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Re: Tripods

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      11-13-2012 Removed) wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a decent mini-tripod for a pro-sumer camera? I'll be using it
> with a Fujifilm HS30EXR and while I want small, so I can put it in the case, I
> want sturdy too. Thanks.

I have a small table-top tripod made by Leitz for the Leica cameras. Its
three legs swivel around to form one thick leg, so to speak, for easy
carrying or packing. The thing is over 40 years old,and still like
new,and is basically indestructible. I have used it on tabletops, desks,
church pews and benches,and when necessary, braced against my chest.

By the way, if you are taking a picture of a stationary subject, then
try to use the camera's self-timer to avoid camera shake. I have done so
with exposures of as long as 1/4 second with better-than-expected results.

Good luck,

Mort Linder
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