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Re: Want to add dictionary keys to namespace?

Peter Otten
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Jeff Jeffries wrote:

> Smart people, Is there a way I can add a dictionaries keys to the python
> namespace? It would just be temporary as I am working with a large
> dictionary, and it would speed up work using an IDE. I look and find
> nothing... none of the keys have spaces and none are common names within
> the module.

> I do this:
> #Do this?
> dictionary = {"AppleSeed": None, "Has": None,"Horrible" :None,"Art"}
> for key in dictionary.keys():
> eval("%s=None"%key)
> #or do this?
> locals().update(dictionary)
> Any ideas?

You could instead use a dict subclass that lets you access values as

>>> class Dict(dict):

.... def __getattr__(self, name):
.... return self[name]
.... def __setattr__(self, name, value):
.... self[name] = value
>>> d = Dict({"AppleSeed": None, "Has": None, "Horrible" : None, "Art": 42})
>>> d.Art

>>> d.AppleSeed
>>> d.AppleSeed = "spam"
>>> d

{'Has': None, 'Art': 42, 'AppleSeed': 'spam', 'Horrible': None}

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