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Re: calloc fails and returns NULL

Philip Lantz
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k2ibegining wrote:
> in one of our application's module, calloc() is failing and returning
> NULL. The amount of memory that it is trying to allocate is of
> structure which is of 9292 bytes. The operating system is AIX 7.1 and
> running VIOS
> The machine has 2+GB ram and does not seems to have an issue with lack
> of memory. The same application module is running fine on one of the
> other boxes, which has same configurations as the problematic
> box.
> I'm clueless as can't really figure out why calloc() is failing even
> for 9292 bytes on this box.
> Thanks

Possibly your heap has been corrupted by either: freeing a block that
was not returned by malloc, calloc, or realloc; freeing a block more
than once; or writing beyond the end of an allocated block and
overwriting some of malloc's heap management data.
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