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Re: delete value in list in indexing

Dave Angel
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On 11/06/2012 01:17 AM, Amit Agrawal wrote:
> i want to delete list in upper and lower some specific value

That question will have to be rephrased, in clearer English.

What Python version are you using?

What data do you start with, and what data do you want to end up with?
Be specific with regards to types.

For example, you might be asking:

"I am using Python 2.81, on Windows 9. I have a program that's got two
strings, the second of which is a single character. I'd like to produce
a 3rd string which consists of all characters of the first string that
do not match the single character supplied. Further, if the character
is an ASCII alpha character, I'd like to do it without regards to ASCII


"I am using .... I have a program that has a list of ints, and a
single value. I'd like to do an in-place removal of all numbers that
are within 5 of the specified value."



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