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Re: Multi-dimensional list initialization

Demian Brecht
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On 2012-11-04, at 11:07 PM, Chris Rebert <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> However, unlike a list object (as in your latter example), the object
> `None` is completely immutable (and what's more, a singleton value),
> so you just-so-happen *not to be able to* run into the same problem of
> mutating an object (assignment to an index of a list constitutes
> mutation of that list) that is referenced in multiple places, for you
> cannot mutate None in the first place!

Thanks for clearing that up Chris (and the link to the FAQ). I had thought about that after going to bed ("D'oh.. None is immutable.. *That's* gotta be why").

Demian Brecht

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