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Java return intellityping?

Robert Klemme
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On 04.11.2012 18:47, Daniel Pitts wrote:

> Often, most of my thinking is done before I start typing, whether it be
> to use a shortcut or not. I find that although my available "thinking"
> time may not be increased, the time-to-delivery is improved (decreased)
> because of shortcuts. I can also use my knowledge that there *are*
> short-cuts to allow my to defer thinking and decisions until a later
> time. For example, I may be writing a class which might be better as two
> classes, but it might not be. I know that I have refactoring tools, so
> I'll start with the easiest to implement, and then consider refactoring
> when it becomes relevant.

.... which also can lead to the opposite effect: you end up changing the
same logic so often that time actually increases vs. the variant where
the absence of refactoring tools led you to do more thinking upfront and
start coding later.

Kind regards


remember.guy do |as, often| as.you_can - without end
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Daniele Futtorovic
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On 04/11/2012 18:47, Daniel Pitts allegedly wrote:
> Often, most of my thinking is done before I start typing, whether it be
> to use a shortcut or not.

Then you are my superior and I bow to you. As for me, I often find bugs
in the code that were clearly and solely due to my not thinking (enough)
while writing it, and at other times I my find myself in an impasse
because I didn't think ahead enough while coding.

At the same time, it may be due to my approach to designing -- I tend to
do about half of a design deductively (top-down) and the other half
inductively, bottom-up, by coding the thing and seeing whether it feels
natural and just falls into place. If it does, it means the design as a
whole is usually sound.

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