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Re: python and Open cv

Mark Lawrence
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On 01/11/2012 08:55, inshu chauhan wrote:
> How to load a yml file in python and work with it ??
> I used : import cv
> data = cv.Load("Z:/data/xyz_00000_
> 300.yml")
> But when I print data.. it just gives the detail of the image like number
> of rows and columns etc....
> I want read what is there in the pixel of the image..
> I tried to use the following code .. but it gives me only the pixel values
> not the information contained in pixel ??
> def AccessPixels(img):
> for y in range(0, img.height):
> for x in range(0, img.width):
> cv.Get2D(img, y, x) # Slow get pixel value.
> cv.Set2D(img, y, x, (0, 0, 0, 0)) # Slow set pixel value.
> can somebody help.. thanx in advance !!!

I think the subject should be changed to "Obnoxious postings from Google
Groups", given this is the same question from the same person within 24
hours but a different subject line, and from a gmail address.


Mark Lawrence.

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