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Arduino programming help required

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The following code does not compile in arduino IDE 0022:

Even when the attached file has been put into the libraries folder.

//Compatible with Arduino IDE 22/23 #include <sunflower.h>     //library #define MoistureSensor 3  // the port moistureSensor connected to sunflower flower; void setup() {   Serial.begin(115200); //Baudrate 115200   flower.Initialization(); //Initialization } void loop() {   flower.SerialSet(MoistureSensor); //get the settings from the PC software and the moisture value   flower.process(); //get the temperature and humidity value   flower.Potentiometer(); //get the watering threshold value   flower.print(); //output data including temperature, humidity, watering threshold value, moisture value.   delay(500); }
The reason is that the members Potentiometer and Serialset are not a part of the sunflower.cpp and sunflower.h.

I have no idea about c++ programming and really need help with introducing these members in the library,

like void potentiometer(){}
The potentiometer is supposed to set the watering threshold level at which the system will stop watering the plants.

and also i would like help in coding so as to control the system and inputs from the "flowers life" software.

Please search ecoduino on a search engine and click the first link for a better understanding of what i have said.
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