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Re: Fast forward-backward (write-read)

David Hutto
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> Don't forget to use timeit for an average OS utilization.
> I'd suggest two list comprehensions for now, until I've reviewed it some more:
> forward = ["%i = %s" % (i,chr(i)) for i in range(33,126)]
> backward = ["%i = %s" % (i,chr(i)) for i in range(126,32,-1)]
> for var in forward:
> print var
> for var in backward:
> print var
> You could also use a dict, and iterate through a straight loop that
> assigned a front and back to a dict_one = {0 : [0.100], 1 : [1.99]}
> and the iterate through the loop, and call the first or second in the
> dict's var list for frontwards , or backwards calls.
> But there might be faster implementations, depending on other
> function's usage of certain lower level functions.

Missed the part about it being a file. Use:

forward = ["%i = %s" % (i,chr(i)) for i in range(33,126)]
backward = ["%i = %s" % (i,chr(i)) for i in range(126,32,-1)]

print forward,backward

Best Regards,
David Hutto
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