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Patriot 8GB 2133MHz Extreme Masters Limited Edition

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Pure Overclock have reviewed the Patriot 8GB 2133MHz Extreme Masters Limited Edition:

"Memory has become a hot topic with Intel’s IvyBridge processors. Lately, we have seen an onslaught of memory modules in the high-end category with frequencies up to 2800MHz. The press has been focusing on high frequencies and performance. Of course, along with a top tier product comes a higher price tag. Manufacturers push these high end memory kits bringing higher margins, but, because of that, we have not seen an abundance in “affordable” memory.

Patriot has been known throughout the industry for quite some time. They manufacture memory, flash media, storage enclosures, media plates and Solid State Drives. Memory has always been their first forte, but as we see, they excel in other areas as well, making them more versatile. In the memory segment, Patriot has always been known for solid performance and a mainstream product with outstanding pricing.

Today, we have Patriot’s 8G 2133MHz Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition memory kit in our paws and these modules fit neatly into that “wallet-friendly” category. Also we have to say, they look very good! Now, let’s get these modules unwrapped and onto our IvyBridge test bench to see what Patriot brings to the table this time."
You can read their full review here.
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