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Re: Is Perl dying or not?

Kevin Walzer
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On 10/19/12 10:43 PM, Ignoramus7380 wrote:
> Lately, I have been seeing a lot of evidence that adoption and use
> of perl declines in favor of superficially "easier" languages. The
> number of developers, commits, activity etc seems to be dropping. Even
> this newsgroup seems to be declining faster than Usenet in general.

I can't speak to the relative decline of this newsgroup, but I can say
that I'm learning Perl precisely because it seems to be actively
maintained, developed, and supported. I say this as one who has done
programming in several different languages (Tcl, Python, C/Objective-C,
AppleScript, a bit of JavaScript). Perl may no longer the TEH SEXY the
way Ruby is, but I was very disappointed in Ruby's options for building
and deploying desktop apps (non-existent on the Mac); by contrast, just
a little bit of dabbling with a simple Perl::Tkx script, pp, and PAR,
and I had a fully standalone desktop executable ready for deployment.

I'm still getting my head around lots of aspects of Perl, but the
deployment question was answered with a resounding yes--I'm sold.


Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin
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