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Re: Python on Windows

Tim Golden
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On 19/10/2012 14:24, graham wrote:
> Python was installed in the subdirectory C:\Python27 with the file
> residing in C:\Python27\Lib\email.
> Setting the Windows environment variable (which did not previously
> exist) to C:\Python27\Lib\email allowed me to import feedparser
> successfully.

As an aside, this is not the best use of the PYTHONPATH
variable. (I would argue that, on Windows at least, there's very little
need for the env var).

In general, you'll want to be using a mechanism such as pip:

which will look things up on PyPI so you can just do "pip install
newmodule". This will install into c:\python27\lib\site-packages. The
same for a module you install "manually" (ie python install) or
via an .exe or an .msi from PyPI or elsewhere.

There are other possibilities: .pth files, the PYTHONPATH env var,
virtualenv, user-install directories which you can read about, but in
general, just let the standard mechanisms install into
c:\python27\lib\site-packages (which is automatically on sys.path) and
go from there.

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