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Re: for-loop on cmd-line

Gisle Vanem
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"Dave Angel" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> it has nothing to do with being on a command line. You're using
> semicolon to combine several statements, and there are restrictions on
> what can be combined that way. One restriction is the looping
> constructs, for, if, while.

Ok, I suspected something like that.

> You can do it easily enough with a list comprehension. Let us know if
> you can't work that out.

Later. I'm only scratching the surface of Python.

> Any reason why you don't just make a one-file python script, and run
> that instead of your one line batch file?

I though of calling that python line from a C-program using
popen() and parsing the output. Since popen() on Win32 AFAIK doesn't accept
multiple lines, I guess I must write a .py-file to %TEMP first.

Thank to all.

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