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Porting notmm to pep 3333 and mod_wsgi

Etienne Robillard
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Has PEP-3333 introduced backward incompatibilities or changes in unicode encoding
and decoding or should this updated pep require python 3 to make mod_wsgi working with wsgi 1.0 (pep-333)
scripts ? Moreover is it possible to use python 2.7 with mod_wsgi at all without the utf-8
encoding errors?

Besides theses minor Unicode encoding problems I'm glad to announce experimental mod_wsgi support for notmm
on python 2.7.3. I will also include a sample app into the next notmm release as a proof-of-concept for Django-based
projects but so far I haven't found more serious problems following the standard documentation in mod_wsgi 3.4...

Furthermore this newer support for mod_wsgi should allow experimented Django developers to use mod_wsgi and Apache as an alternative to FastCGI (and nginx) for serving high-performance Django apps compiled into optimized C bindings using Cython and notmm!


Etienne Robillard
Green Tea Hackers Club
Fine Software Carpentry For The Rest Of Us! Removed)

Donations for the notmm project are accepted through
For more info please visit:
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