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Re: notmm is dead!

Michael Torrie
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On 10/04/2012 05:13 PM, Etienne Robillard wrote:
> Thanks, but I tried all that and don't have much energy for continuing. If you're
> serious about open source then maybe you can forward the thread to django-developers
> and get some fundings to pay for a minimalistic fee to get the project maintained
> by someone else, otherwise I'd prefer sticking with more profitable activities.

Nothing in the existing license prevents someone from taking the latest
source and posting it back on Pypi as an unmaintained package. Isn't
that correct?

What are you referring to when you say "minimalistic fee." Would this
be a fee you require for transferring copyright assignment? I know of
no fee necessary for a new maintainer to take over should one wish to.
Copyright assignment is not strictly necessary.

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