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Re: Differential pattern match

Justin C
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On 2012-10-04, Graham <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I need a pattern match that will match all of the following (and other
> variants too)
> x1234x X99 10 10x x 12 12 12 12 12
> The characters refer to chord fingering on a 6 string guitar. Up to the 9th
> fret, the figering is usually tabulated as on the left above, but beyond
> this one or two spaces are usually left between double figures encounted
> from the 10th-24th frets.
> The best pattern match I have found so far is
> /[xX0-9][xX0-9\s]{4,20}[xX0-9]/
> This provides for a match of x, X, or a number 0-9 on the extreme left and
> right side, and for a match of x,X, a number 0-9, or a space, for between 4
> and 20 'atoms' between the extreme left and right 'atoms' . However, this
> also picks up the masses of spaces between each chord itself. What I need to
> do somehow is to count the spaces as the regex engine parses and have it
> fail the match if more than two consecutive spaces are encountered. I figure
> that extended regex sequences are probably the way to do this, but I've not
> encountered them before. Any help welcome.

They may not help, but there are several modules on CPAN relating to
tab/guitar tab (I found one for ukelele tab too!). You may find you
what you're doing has already been done.


Justin C, by the sea.
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