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Re: [SI] "FGS" 'Duck Comments

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On 10/2/2012 5:49 PM, Savageduck wrote:
> SI Mandate:


> Peter Newman:
> FGS-01:
> “Fine feathered friend” indeed. That looks to be a “Mouse Bird”
> given too much of the PeterN treatment. Where did you find it? I got my
> shot in South Africa.
> < >

It's a cuckoo chick taken at the Bronx Zoo.
I over sharpened the image and didn't see how bad it is until posted in
the SI.

> FGS-02:
> Going PS crazy are we?
> This is just so wrong! Funny, but so wrong. …and give the Gazelle both
> his “L’s”.

Yeah, I did make a careless selection. I also should make a shadow under
it and smooth its sharp edges.

> FGS-03:
> I love the metallic grey with the bright copper glow. Nice!

I doubt if any other interpretation of s synchrotron has been submitted
in the SI.

Thanks for your comments.

BTW some of the text was garbled, as you can tell even in this snippet.

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