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Re: What does this mean

Jukka K. Korpela
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2012-10-01 19:09, Bint wrote:

> Comments are indicated by <!-- --->, right?

No, the common comment syntax is <!-- --> (your example has one "-" too
much, turning the construct to an invalid comment declaration).

> But sometimes you see stuff inside commments that seems to also *do*
> something. When or why is this?

Mostly because they are not comments and not HTML at all but in some
data format from which HTML documents are generated. Using syntax that
matches HTML comments is somewhat odd, but part of the motivation is
that if such data gets accidentally transmitted to a browser as an HTML
document, the construct gets ignored.

> For example, these two lines of code, what does that %movie signify? It is
> not just a comment, is it? I tried taking it out and the page changed.
> <!--%movie-->
> <div id="div_<!--$movie['uid']-->" class="column"
> uid="<!--$movie['uid']-->">

In terms of HTML, they are comments. But depending on server-side
software that processes data before sending an HTML document, it may
cause many things.

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