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Re: howto handle nested for

Tim Chase
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On 09/28/12 09:39, Neal Becker wrote:
> I know this should be a fairly basic question, but I'm drawing a blank.
> I have code that looks like:
> for s0 in xrange (n_syms):
> for s1 in xrange (n_syms):
> for s2 in xrange (n_syms):
> for s3 in xrange (n_syms):
> for s4 in range (n_syms):
> for s5 in range (n_syms):
> Now I need the level of nesting to vary dynamically. (e.g., maybe I need to add
> for s6 in range (n_syms))
> Smells like a candidate for recursion. Also sounds like a use for yield. Any
> suggestions?

There was a good discussion on this back in 2008 that might be worth
reading over. For some reason the archives[1] seem
to have broken threading on this topic (Andrew Reedick's reply using
exec() is waaay down in the archive, disassociated from the thread),
so here it is archived somewhere else where the 2 pages of threading
seems more manageable/accurate:



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