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RE: Capitalization for variable that holds a class

Prasad, Ramit
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Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

> Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 11:53 AM
> To: Removed)
> Subject: Re: Capitalization forvariable that holds a class
> On Sun, 23 Sep 2012 16:48:38 +0100, Joshua Landau
> <(E-Mail Removed)> declaimed the following in
> gmane.comp.python.general:

> > Simple question:
> >
> > [myClass() for myClass in myClasses]
> >vs
> > [MyClass() for MyClass in myClasses]
> >

> The recommended naming scheme for Python is that class DEFINITIONS
> begin capitalized. Instances, methods/attributes, functions begin
> lowercase.
> I abstain from the argument about camel-case vs_ (Ada "pretty
> printers" automatically capitalize at _, so _ is common in Ada)
> class MyClass(object):
> def myMethod(self):

Are you (the OP) using Python 2 or 3? In python 2 list
comprehensions leak; if you use MyClass as the list
comprehension variable name it will overwrite the
MyClass class definition (if it exists).

>>> class MyClass(object):

... pass

>>> print MyClass

<class '__pieshell__.MyClass'>

>>> _ = [ MyClass for MyClass in xrange( 5 ) ]
>>> print MyClass



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