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How to bypass Visual C++ security cookies

Ben Bacarisse
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BruceS <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> On Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:51:19 +0100, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>> 1 2 <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>> <snip>
>>> That would be deception, which I don't do. The fact that you don't have
>>> any pride or self-respect doesn't mean everyone else is like you.

>> Your parents, the 2s, must have had a cruel streak to name you 1. Or
>> maybe you do just a little deception? As for pride and self-respect I
>> have enough of each to stand by what I write here using my real name.

> This is getting a bit OT (though not as much as the personal attacks),
> but I'd like to point out that even some of us with plenty of pride and
> self respect avoid using our full real names on Usenet. Call it
> cowardice if you like, but for me it's to avoid having some loon track me
> down in real life. I would say "1 2"s online behavior is far more
> telling than his nym. As for Mr. Kuyper, I doubt he needs any defense
> from such attacks, tempting as it is.

Yes, good point. I can see that I could easily be misunderstood. There
are lots of reasons to avoid using one's real name -- and it need not be
cowardice at all. I'm just claiming that, at a minimum, some pride and
self-respect are needed to use one's real name. It was not at all clear
that I meant a necessary rather than a sufficient condition. 1 2 could
come back and explain that his or her recent activities as a political
dissident in Burma mean that using a pseudonym is critical.

(I don't want the joking tone to suggest any trivialisation. I know
people who'd used pseudonyms because of all sorts of serious real-life
threats. Even having an overly restrictive employer would be
sufficient and that's probably quite a common reason.)

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Kenny McCormack
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In article <k3fbjd$2eb$(E-Mail Removed)>,
James Kuyper <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>asking for advice. It's a bit ironic - more than a decade later, issues
>related to the problem I was asking about got a LOT worse. Details far
>worse than any I'd risked revealing became part of official court
>records and ended up in local newspapers.

Why am I not surprised to read/hear this?

Nov 4, 2008 - the day when everything went
from being Clinton's fault to being Obama's fault.
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