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Re: main and dependent objects

Jean-Michel Pichavant
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----- Original Message -----
> I am in a situation where I have a class Obj which contains many
> attributes, and also contains logically another object of class
> Dependent.
> This dependent_object, however, also needs to access many fields of
> the
> original class, so at the moment we did something like this:
> class Dependent:
> def __init__(self, orig):
> self.orig = orig
> def using_other_attributes(self):
> print("Using attr1", self.orig.attr1)
> class Obj:
> def __init__(self):
> self.attr1 = "attr1"
> self.attr2 = "attr2"
> self.attr3 = "attr3"
> self.dependent_object = Dependent(self)
> But I'm not so sure it's a good idea, it's a bit smelly..
> Any other suggestion about how to get a similar result?
> I could of course passing all the arguments needed to the constructor
> of
> Dependent, but it's a bit tedious..
> Thanks,
> Andrea
> --

Nothing shocking right here imo. It looks like a classic parent-child implementation.
However it seems the relation between Obj and Dependent are 1-to-1. Since Dependent need to access all Obj attributes, are you sure that Dependent and Obj are not actually the same class ?

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