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Using interfaces for sharing properties Part II...

Karl Seguin
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thanks... and glad it's mosty working..

how you declare it shouldn't matter. however, you might misunderstand (a
sign that my method is ambiguous (and it is)). I'm not doing:

protected controName as controlName

I'm doing

protected instancceId as controlName

if you look at the aspx file you'll see I have:

<uc1:GetVariables id=getVariables runat="server"></uc1:GetVariables>

in page.aspx you can see that I have id=getVariables had I done
id=uc_GetVariables I would then end up with the following declaration:

protected uc_GetVariables as GetVariables

It was confusing of me to give control the same ID as the class
guess is that you didn't actually have a control named uc_GetVariables in
the aspx page...hence you didn't have an instance...hence the exception..


MY ASP.Net tutorials

"darrel" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:%(E-Mail Removed)...
> > Darrel,
> > I've attached a very simple and basic working example. From what you've
> > given me everything looks ok...see if you can't spot the difference

> between
> > what I'm sending and what you have. Lemme know what you find out.

> Wow. Spent about an hour going through your example and comparing it line

> line. I had a few errors on my part here and there.
> One last question...which I don't think is directly related to interfaces,
> is this:
> I was declaring my Usercontrols like this:
> protected UC_controlName as controlName
> while you were using:
> protected controlName as controlName
> My way would result in ' Object reference not set to an instance of an
> object.' errors.
> Anyways, I got it working, and I understand about 90% of it, so I've come

> long way with this. Thank you! I owe you a beer! (or two!)
> BTW, I've started reading through some of your other articles on your

> That's a great resource!
> -Darrel

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> protected instancceId as controlName

(me slaps forehead)

ARGH! Of course! I wasn't connecting it to the UC ID declared in the ASPX
page. I normally preface all my control names with what they are (textbox_,
uc_, label_, etc.) and I didn't this time as I was just throwing things
together to test with.

That's another headache gone ;o)

Thanks again, Karl!


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