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PyPyODBC 0.8.3 released with improved performance and SQLAlchemysupport

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PyPyODBC - A Pure Python ctypes ODBC module

- Pure Python, compatible with IronPython and PyPy (tested on Win32)
- Almost totally same usage as pyodbc

You can simply try pypyodbc in your existing pyodbc powered script
with the following changes:

#import pyodbc <-- The original pyodbc importing line
import pypyodbc as pyodbc # Let pypyodbc "pretend" the pyodbc
pyodbc.connect(...) # pypyodbc is now doing pyodbc's
job with same APIs!

Version 0.8.3 Sep 1 2012 sql_longvarchar handling fix; performance optimization;

Version 0.8.2 Aug 27 2012 Differentiate sql_varchar and
sql_longvarchar; Initial support for SQLAlchemy;

Version 0.8.1 Aug 26 2012 Fixed the long type parameter issue; Added
support for IronPython;

Version 0.8 Aug 25 2012 Added getinfo method;

Version 0.7 Jul 28 2012 Fixed nchar/ntext/nvarchar string truncat problem ;

Version 0.6 Jul 4 2012 Added Cursor.commit() and Cursor.rollback();
Added readonly keyword to connect;

Version 0.5 Jun 23 2012 Initial release;
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