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Re: What makes a mac better?

Wolfgang Weisselberg
Posts: n/a
Mxsmanic <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Dudley Hanks writes:

>> I'll agree that UNIX based systems are more secure than similar Windows
>> systems ...

> Not true. The Windows NT security model is much more advanced than the
> standard UNIX security model.

1. It doesn't matter how "much more advanced" a security model
is when it's constantly circumvented. Run as administrator,
because too much stuff simply doesn't work otherwise.
2. It doesn't matter how "much more advanced" a security model is
unless it's both *understood* and *used* to it's capabilities.
Joe Average User does *not* understand or use it. At best
he doesn't deactivate the "firewall" and knows not to allow
Maybe large company sysadmins who really learned the stuff
understand and use it. Maybe, because they often still need
to call in external contractors.
3. Speaking of which: the "security model" of Windows is to
execute everything clicked, run insecure code when previewing
e.g. emails, have many open ports and generally "just work"
in a world where there are nothing but friends. It's a great
idea when there are nothing but friends, but there are always
bad people ...
And yes, such stuff *is* part of the security model, not just
some file restrictions, as you seem to think.
4. A deskop "firewall" isn't. It's a packet filter that
can trivially be circumvented by claiming one is called
iexplorer.exe and talking to port 80. Its use is merely
5. Every program in the Windows world (outside a few direct-by-MS
programs) must care about it's own updating. There isn't
a central repository, much less a vetted one, for updates.
Reinventing the wheel over and over means more code, more
errors (and since the updates install code, errors there can
allow wrong parties to upload code and have it run), more
hassle for the user, and so on and so on. This is completely
separated from the OS structure --- but Android manages, IOS
manages, many Linux- and BSD-versions manage to centralize
and automatize updates of (practically) the whole system.
MS is unable to do that?
6. No central package management system. Every program
installs itself any way it wants. Some use some popular
tools, others are roll-your-own. Removing no longer
wanted stuff isn't easy, even when uninstall routines are
available. Not to mention keys in the registry. Unwanted
code, especially code that by any of several methods is
autostarted (and MS even embeds 90% of Office to be loaded
at booting) is a security risk. (Other systems offer a
central package manager.)

Oh, not to forget: As before, you base your claim on the
misinformation that Windows has ACL and Linux hasn't. The latter
is not true. You've been told that several times in the past.

> UNIX was never designed to be secure,

If you quote, please quote correctly:
| It was not designed from the start to be secure. It was designed
| with the necessary characteristics to make security serviceable.
-- Dennis Ritchie about UNIX security.

> and it's a
> Swiss cheese.

Compared to Windows, which is the holes of Swiss cheese, a couple
kilometers Swiss cheese *will* stop the bullet.

Note that since Windows has all the holes ...

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