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Re: String parsing (2 questions)

Jürgen Exner
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Eli the Bearded <*> wrote:
>In comp.lang.perl.misc, Robert Crandal <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> My text file contains a list of strings that look similar to this:
>> ID1 ID2 ID3 Full name ID4
>> ----- --- ------------ ---------------- -----
>> 6523 222 000000564 Adams Cody J 9999
>> 1113 532 000000642 Barnes II Bob R 9999
>> 786 123 000000441 Carter Sr James 9999
>> 3333 245 000000994 Jones Jr Roy J 9999
>> 5644 370 000000234 Martin Tom R 9999
>> 2331 333 000000111 Van Horn Tim R 9999
>> etc. etc....
>> Question 1:
>> I will be running a while(<>) loop that reads each line
>> one at a time. How can I extract just the ID1, ID2,
>> and the "full name" into string variables during each
>> loop iteration???

>If it is like you show it, using spaces between columns and between
>words in the name, you weep. Remember that some full names contain
>numbers (consider former NY Times reporter Jennifer 8 Lee).

Actually, it is very simple:
- split() on space character
- grab the first 3 items, from these throw away the third
- and from the remaining items throw away the last item and re-combine
the others for the name

>I'd start something like this:

You don't have to use a hammer to drive a screw. Perl's toolbox contains
many more tools than just REs.

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