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Re: Semi-random sentence generator

Michael Karas
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[This followup was posted to comp.lang.perl.modules and a copy was sent
to the cited author.]

In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
ignoramus11402@NOSPAM.11402.invalid says...
> I want to generate some sentences that would seem random enough to look
> different, but would, in fact, convey the same message.
> For example:
> * Please provide a phone number in your response
> * You should provide a telephone number in your email
> * I want you to include your phone number in your messages, please
> You are getting the idea. What I would like is to vary the phrasing a
> little bit, add "please" or "You should" and so on, but keep the core
> meaning of "provide phone number".
> I can write something of this sort myself, probably based on BNF and
> config files.
> Before I embark on writing a module for this sort of thing, I wanted
> to check if perhaps am existing module could be used for this. Are
> there any perl modules that do this "sentence variation"?
> Thanks.
> i

Did you try a Google search for this subject? There seems to be a
plethora of information available. You certainly can convert from other
language implementations to perl.



Michael Karas
Carousel Design Solutions
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