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Re: On The Road - Comments

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      08-22-2012 Lazardo's socks
This certainly must have been taken while on the road, so it fits the
mandate. While it wouldn't be my first choice of subjects, I can see
the charm. The lighting is nice, too. Barstow
Barstow! One of my favorite places. I almost submitted this archive
pic this month:
Maybe post-processing would make it pop and less hazy, but what you
have its fine, too. Tim Conway's cityscape
Well, it IS a shot taken on the road. It would be nice to get
something with a little more story to it, but I know how difficult it
is to do while driving. Stick's gate
Very nice picture. It is hard for me to criticize anything. It makes
me feel good. You could try selective HDR on the sky, or maybe crop
it so the gate weren't centered, but those are your choices. The
picture works as-is for me. yellow
One of my favorites this time. Almost worth breaking your camera
for. Nothing really to criticize. I'm glad you did this near a
curve, it added interest. Maybe if there were a car coming... flashmob
Cool picture. The people cut at the edges are a little disconcerting,
but maybe they add interest, too. Alan Browne's road &
It is a road. The fence is nice, maybe the nicest part. Maybe if you
cropped the bottom so there was less road and more fence? Or move
closer to the fence? That would bring the rock more into the
foreground, too. Fairly pleasant as it is, though. flume
That sure is high. Looks like a nice place to meditate. slo-mo waterfall
More medium-mo than slo-mo. I like the colors of the rocks, and good
use of light. Must have been some place you visited on the road. Bowser's bike butt
Good image, it tells a story. Maybe could be cropped different, but
it's not going to be an artistic masterpiece whatever you do to it.
But I'm sure the picture means something to you. Probably a reminder
of a lot of pain. Valley of Fire
Very nice shot. I like the way the road leads you into the picture.
Love the red rocks. I might have kicked them up in post even more,
but that's just me. Death Valley
Great shot. Here, dead straight and centered work just fine. Well
done. Savage Duck's Aromas Avila beach Dead end
Sorry, Duck, these weren't your best. I've seen better from you. I
can only guess you were hurriedly trying to find something to fit the
mandate. The whale watchers had a small amount of interest. Tony Cooper's armadillo
It IS on the road. wide berth
This tells a story. Sign, bike, car all tie together. Nice. Not
great, but nice. Biker
What a cluster of bikes! off road no go
Maybe Cleary was sending a message to the old men in this group with
these two pictures. Bob Coe's Ford
One of the better pictures I've seen from Bob. Good work! I like it
as is. corner
This is indeed an interesting situation. I wonder how this was
allowed to happen. Maybe some addition cropping could help, though.
At least get rid of the glass on the far left. Martha Coe's tree
Yeah, it is a cellular tree, near a road. But I really don't want to
look at it. roller
The machine has good potential. Maybe if it were closer, though. The
yellow lines are a distraction. My Frank Ess's vanishing
Now that's a road picture. I like it. Especially the nice clean
shine of the hood. shadow
Uh, well, nice picture of a shadow "on the road". LOL. tilt
Must have been fun. Otter's Luckenbach
A Kincaid "picture of light" with alcohol thrown in. eatery
I was about to give up on Fredricksburg, when I noticed a women
chuckle and say, "Eating Establishment"! blind
A cautionary tale. Dan Petre's road
Hmmm, we must drive the same roads. KPetre's road 1 road 2 3
You are stealing the show from your husband with these. You have a
good eye for color. sail
This is the best of your three, at least to my taste. I do like the
colors, although as people have commented, there is a noise issue.
The connection with the mandate is not obvious, unless it is a place
you went to while on the road. street
There is something weird about the post-processing on this, but the
expressions are priceless. "Are we home yet, for crying out loud!" Paul Furman's trail
I used to live not too far from there, in Boulder Creek. You made me
You made it look very spooky. Cool.

======== =============== ===============

I had to skip over some pictures in order to finish IN THIS LIFETIME.
OK task done.

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