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Re: [SI] On the road due today (Aug. 19)

tony cooper
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On Sun, 19 Aug 2012 10:22:33 -0400, SI Committee
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> [SI] submissions due today - 2012.08.19
> On the Road.
> Whether "street", travel, or along your road to work, take
> advantage of the summer to capture the essential "Road" photo.
> DUE: Sunday, 2012.08.19::23:59
>The committee wishes to point out that this mandate is very appropriate
>to geotagging whether done with a GPS or in post.
>Rulz in effect:
>(and please note that the file name pre-fix is "On-Road" not "Road")
> Dimension Max horizontal: 1200 pixels
> Max vertical: 800 pixels <- U2 Tony Cooper!
> Max file size (JPG): 500 kB
> but please keep them under 300 kB where possible
> Example file names: On-Road_Savageduck_1.JPG
> On-Road_Tony_Cooper_2.JPG
> On-Road_Pairs_Martha_Coe_3.JPG
> Max photos per photog: 3
> Send your photos to: shootinphotos aht gmail daht com
>[1] If your photo submissions include narrative that you want
> included with your photo, please add " / COMMENTS" to the
> Subject line when submitting photos.
> Subject: On the Road photos / COMMENTS
>[2] Files that contain geotags will be posted to Panoramio under
> "shootinphotos" as well as to the Pbase site. If you do not
> wish this to occur either remove the tags or advise the
> committee at the address below when submitting photos to the
> SI, or by comment in the newsgroup(s).

Alan...getting strange stuff with the email addy. One email is to
"John Doe" and one to "Shootin Admin". One is my 3, and one is my
daughter's 3.

Did you get both?

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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