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Debugging-Running aspx files

Lieve Vissenaeken
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Hi everybody,

I hope this is the right place to ask my question...

So I'm a junior programmer with less experience with VB.NET. So far, I had
no problems with it, until I wanted to make my first "" or better
said my first ".aspx"-file. I was making this in Visual Studio.NET and my PC
is running on Windows XP Professional (I am also using this PC as a local
server, I enabled IIS). When I wanted to run this "aspx"-file from Visual
Studio.NET, I always get the same error message: "Error while trying to run
project: Unable to start debugging on the web server. The server does not
support debugging of ASP.NET or ATL server applications..."

I've tried the things the help-function is telling me... I've for sure
installed everything of visual studio (webcomponents etc.). I was be able to
run normal "asp"-file, but I can't start with the "aspx"-files...

Please, can anybody help me. I am getting crazy of it !!!!!

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