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Re: Dynamically determine base classes on instantiation

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On 15/08/2012 22:17, Thomas Bach wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm confronted with a strang problem I cannot find a clean solution
> for. To me it seems like I need meta-classes. Anyway, I stucked a bit
> deeper in that topic and couldn't find a proper solution neither. But,
> judge for yourselve.
> I want a class that determines on instantiating its base classes
> dynamically. Consider the following two use cases
> a = Foo(['a', 'list']) # returns an instance that behaves like a list
> assert len(a) == 2
> assert a[0] == 'a'
> assert a == ['a', 'list']
> assert isinstance(a, list) # This would be nice, but no must-have
> b = Foo({'blah': 8}) # returns an instance that behaves like a dict
> assert b['blah'] == 'blah'
> assert b == {'blah': 8}
> assert isinstance(b, dict) # again, no must-have
> a.do_something() # common function to both instances as defined
> b.do_something() # in the Foo class
> What I'm currently doing something like the following:
> class Foo(object):
> def __init__(self, obj):
> self._obj = obj
> def __len__(self):
> return len(self._obj)
> def __getitem__(self, name):
> return self._obj[name]
> # …
> def do_something(self):
> # do something on self._obj
> pass
> Which seems ugly. Is there a way to provide the functions of `list'
> and `dict' in Foo's look-up path without having to write all the
> stubs myself?

Does Foo have to be a class? Couldn't it just be a factory function?
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