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Modelsim Problem

Jaden5165 Jaden5165 is offline
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# ** Error: (vish-17) Recursive reference in 'others' clause in "C:\Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c\modelsim/../modelsim.ini" to "C:\Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c\modelsim/../modelsim.ini".

# Reading C:/Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c/tcl/vsim/pref.tcl
# ** Error: (vish-16) The 'others' clause in "C:\Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c\modelsim/../modelsim.ini" is self-referencing.

# do {decoder7seg.fdo}
# ** Warning: (vlib-34) Library already exists at "work".
# Model Technology ModelSim PE Student Edition vcom 10.1c Compiler 2012.07 Jul 28 2012
# ** Error: Library std not found.
# ** Error: VHDL Compiler exiting
# ** Error: C:/Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c/modelsim/vcom failed.
# Error in macro ./decoder7seg.fdo line 23
# C:/Modeltech_pe_edu_10.1c/modelsim/vcom failed.
# while executing
# "vcom -explicit -93 "decoder7seg.vhf""

I got this error messages while running Xilinx to use modelsim to run simulation.Hope to get solution from here!thx!
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imed imed is offline
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Check this link it seams to discuss the same issue:
hope that helps...
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