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Re: JComboBox with IDentifiers

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From: markspace <-@.>

On 8/10/2012 2:41 PM, Roberto Sagoleo wrote:
> Hi Guys, here I am again with another amazing trouble! 0
> I need to create a JComboBox containing a list of Items, each of
> which has its own IDentifier!
> So: when I select an Item of the JComboBox, I need to get its
> IDentifier (ie: its ID in a DataBase Table).
> I wrote the following four classes example, and I hope this could
> help someone else with my same needs!

Honestly I think your code is overly baroque, and doesn't follow Java coding
conventions. So it's not really useful.

Take a look at the tutorials here, to see some examples that I think are more


Let's extend this question somewhat: There's a "database inspector" built into
NetBeans, but I find it clumsy. Do people use GUI-based database
inspector/administration tools? Which ones do you like? If you were spec-ing
a Java version, what features would you like to see?

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