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Re: D300 Problems - What went wrong?

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On 10/08/2012 6:21 PM, Eric Stevens wrote:
> There was I taking photographs for the current [SI] (On the road) with
> my camera mounted on the top of a monopod which I was holding upside
> down so my 70-200 lens could take photographs just above ground level.
> The camera too was upside down. I was triggering the camera through a
> remote cable while holding the bottom of the monopod at about hip
> level. The camera was resting on my foot with the lens steadied
> against the lamp standard against which I too was leaning.

> My question is, can anyone throw any light on what went wrong? I'm
> inclined to suspect the memory card but I have no real basis for this.
> What worries me is the possibility of it happening again.

I have experienced this type of problem with a D90- so its sort of the
same range of camera.

My D90 is a one lens, happy snapper trip camera, at about 9 months old,
1800 activations. Without notice virtually the same thing happened. The
camera did not have a country of origin warranty to refer it back to
Nikon so I had to trouble shoot the problem.

I read through all the threads from just about all the sites and no one
had an answer. Only hypothetical reasons which only a committee offer.
Yes I tried silently all the hypotheticals and none worked. You may
want to refer to the D90 problems in forums although none worked for me.

I was changing batteries, cards, no result even reset the default
settings, one thing that I did not change, was the lens. within all this
testing. (the camera came with the 18-105 lens and had never been off
the camera.)

The whole thing was repeatable within 5 frames and showed an error.

As a last resort was to try another lens, so with another lens, the
camera kept working. So I replaced the original lens back on the
camera. It is now about 4 years old and has not had a glitch since. I
didn't clean any contacts but removing the lens may have.

The only reason that I can put it down to is dirty contacts either on
the lens or the body. ( the body did not show a lens error and I'm
unsure what the error message was now but something like yours which was
sort of unrelated to what was happening.

So my best bet with your camera maybe the lens/body contacts.
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