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Re: Q on regex

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On 07/08/2012 11:52, Helmut Jarausch wrote:> Hi Matthew,
> how to fix the code below to match 'Hellmuth' instead of ' Hellmut' ?
> A negative look behind in front of the pattern doesn't help since it
> counts
> as an error. One would need a means to mix a required match with a
> fuzzy match.
> #!/usr/bin/python3
> import regex
> Author= regex.compile(r'(?:Helmut){e<=2}')
>'Jarausch Hellmuth')
> if R :
> print("matching string : |{0}|".format(
> # matches ' Hellmut'
> else :
> print("nothing matched")

There are two ways you could do it.

One way is to put word boundaries outside the fuzzy match:

Author = regex.compile(r'\b(?:Helmut){e<=2}\b')

The other way is to use the 'ENHANCEMATCH' flag (or '(?e)' in the
pattern), which tells it to 'enhance' the match by reducing the number
of errors:

Author = regex.compile(r'(?e)(?:Helmut){e<=2}')

> Many thanks for a hint,
> Helmut.
> P.S. I've tried to initiate a discussion on adding your module to the
> current standard library on C.L.P.

The problem with adding it to the standard library is that any releases
would be tied to Python's releases and I would have much less leeway in
making changes. There are a number of other modules which remain
outside the standard library for just that reason.
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