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Re: Linux shell to python

Peter Otten
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Vikas Kumar Choudhary wrote:

> let me know if someone has tried to implement (grep and PIPE) shell
> commands in python `lspci | grep Q | grep "$isp_str1" | grep "$isp_str2"
> | cut -c1-7'
> I tried to use python subprocess and OS.Popen modules.

subprocess is the way to go.

> I was trying porting from bash shell to python.

Here's an example showing how to translate a shell pipe:

But even if you can port the shell script literally I recommend a more
structured approach:

import subprocess
import itertools

def parse_data(lines):
for not_empty, group in itertools.groupby(lines, key=bool):
if not_empty:
triples = (line.partition(":") for line in group)
pairs = ((left, right.strip()) for left, sep, right in triples)
yield dict(pairs)

if __name__ == "__main__":
def get(field):
return entry.get(field, "").lower()
output = subprocess.Popen(["lspci", "-vmm"],
for entry in parse_data(output.splitlines()):
if "nvidia" in get("Vendor") and "usb" in get("Device"):
print entry["Slot"]
print entry["Device"]

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