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Re: Refresh works in FF, but not in IE?

Jonathan N. Little
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Charlotte E. wrote:
> I have this very simple frame-page:
> The page loads fine in both FF and IE, but if I hit the 'Refresh' button
> in IE, the first page is loaded into both frames!?!
> Hitting 'refresh' in FF works just fine.
> How to make the page refresh properly in IE?

Why not avoid the situational all together? Keeping frames synchronized
has always been a bit problematic and it causes a number of other
usability issues. Your server is running Apache, so there is a good
chance you have PHP available and you can include common elements in
your pages like a header with a simple php include. Just make HTML
fragment file like header.html or header.php if your want to have
dynamic content:

<div class="header">
Put your header banner here that will be common on all pages, it can
include your navigation menu and logo, etc....

Then for each page make them PHP file, like this sample.php:

<title>Sample page</title>

<!-- include your header below -->
<?php include("header.html"); ?>

<!-- the rest of your page can be mail HTML if you wish -->
<p>The rest of your page...<p/>

Pretty simple and there are tutorials all over the web. If you are not
sure if your have PHP with your hosting there is a simple test. Create a
simple text file and put this in single line it:

<?php echo "Yes, I have PHP!"; ?>

Save it and rename it "test.php". Upload it to your server and then in
your browser go to:

If you only see *Yes, I have PHP!* then you have php, if you see the
whole line with the "<?php echo ..." part then you do not have PHP

Take care,

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