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Re: append in IMAP4 from imaplib very slow

Tim Chase
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On 07/25/12 12:47, Simon Pirschel wrote:
> I'm currently experimenting with IMAP using Python 2.7.3 and
> IMAP4 from imaplib. I noticed the performance to be very bad. I
> read 5000 files from a directory and append them to an IMAP
> INBOX. The hole procedure of reading and appending is taking
> about 210 seconds.
> I set up the exact same code in Perl to check if there is a
> general IMAP server configuration issue, since CPU and I/O isn't
> the problem. The same amount of data on the same IMAP server is
> done after 7.9 seconds using Perl.
> The difference is huge and I tried to narrow the issue down by
> profiling the Python code. The profile results are, 206 seconds
> are spent in calling socket.recv.

While I don't know the ins and outs of the Perl code, it looks like
the Python is doing some pretty straight-forward
send/receive work. However, IMAP4 does support both pipelining and
multi-append extensions, so if the Perl code takes advantage of the
features if the server offers them, it might be reaping significant
gains over the na´ve Python code.

Can you get a debugging dump of the commands being sent each way?
(particularly if you see a bunch of APPEND commands before the reply
acknowledgement, as detailed at [1])


[1] on page 4

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