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Re: Checksum in a struct
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On Wednesday, July 11, 2012 10:56:53 AM UTC-4, pozz wrote:
> I have a function that computes a 16-bit checksum (following whatever
> algorithm) of a memory space:
> unsigned int checksum(const void *buffer, size_t size);
> I want to embed this checksum in a struct:
> struct PStruct {
> int x;
> unsigned int y;
> char z[13];
> ...
> unsigned int checksum;
> };
> How to use the checksum() function above? I propose:
> struct PStruct ps;
> ...
> ps.checksum = checksum(&ps, offsetof(struct PStruct, checksum));
> Is there a better mechanism?

Pack the structure by writing all the bytes of each individual member to a byte array. This will avoid the compiler padding for alignment issue. If needed, use the ntoh family of functions to put the necessary 2 and 4 byte words in big-endian before checksum if the need to support architectures with different endians arise.

#define member_sizeof( type, member ) sizeof ( ((type*)0)->member )
size_t pack_PStruct_size( void )
return member_sizeof (struct PStruct, x) +
member_sizeof (struct PStruct, y) +
member_sizeof (struct PStruct, z) +
... ;

You can use 'mempcpy' to simplify packing an array.

void* mempcpy( void* dst, const void* src, size_t n )
return (unsigned char*)memcpy( dst, src, n ) + n;

void pack_PStruct( unsigned char* packed_array, struct PStruct* ps )
unsigned char* p = packed_array;

p = mempcpy( p, ps->x, member_sizeof( struct PStruct, x ) );
p = mempcpy( p, ps->y, member_sizeof( struct PStruct, y ) );
p = mempcpy( p, ps->z, member_sizeof( struct PStruct, z ) );

Be wary of uninitialized characters in 'z' if you checksum all 13 characters in the array.

You can tweak the interface as needed.

Best regards,
John D.
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