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Open watcom f77 - make file problems

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I loaded Watcom 1.9. I built a simple project and added a simple file with just a CALL EXIT(0) and END. But it gives a bunch of make errors. Does anyone know what is going on?

--- make files ---
project : W:\1830\port\test\test.exe .SYMBOLIC

!include W:\1830\port\test\test.mk1

W:\1830\port\test>type test.mk1
!define BLANK ""
W:\1830\port\test\TRBL$.obj : W:\1830\port\test\TRBL$.FOR .AUTODEPEND
cd W:\1830\port\test
wfc386 TRBL$.FOR -d2 -q -dep

W:\1830\port\test\test.exe : W:\1830\port\test\TRBL$.obj .AUTODEPEND
cd W:\1830\port\test
@%write test.lk1 FIL TRBLtest.exeobj
@%append test.lk1
!ifneq BLANK ""
*wlib -q -n -b test.imp
@%append test.lk1 LIBR test.imp
!ifneq BLANK ""
@%append test.lk1
*wlink name test d all sys nt op m op maxe=25 op q op symf @test.lk1


--- output ---
cd W:\1830\port\test
wmake -f W:\1830\port\test\ -h -e
W:\1830\port\test\test.mk1(2): Error(E0: Invalid macro name ()
W:\1830\port\test\test.mk1(2): Error(E0: Invalid macro name ()
W:\1830\port\test\test.mk1(7): Error(E0: Invalid macro name ()
Error(E02) Make execution terminated
Execution complete
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