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On 01/07/2012 6:07 PM, "HB", an obvious murphy sock, was caught talking
to himself again:
NaN> Newsgroups:,comp.lang.programmer,comp.os.os2.advoc acy

NaN> earlier I posted as news for COOA:

What does the bad news that you are continuing to post off-topic trolls
have to do with television, Java, or OS/2, murphy?

NaN> oH Dear Paul...what control you wish will never happen is in your
NaN> face tonite!

Who is "Paul", murphy? There is nobody in this newsgroup using that alias.

NaN> Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

What does your amusement have to do with television, Java, or OS/2, murphy?

In fact, I don't see anything in your post with any apparent
relationship to television, Java, or OS/2 at all, murphy.

"violating one basic rule in continually posting to or creating "off
topic" messages is a violation of group's charters."

How ironic.

"I had 'volunteered (years back) to support those who do endeavor
to provide free Free Usenet access, support those who offered
subscription based Free Usenet access, nothing more than
cooperation expected in return for what has been many
thousands of hours of work. I note most of those I joined with
are either deceased, severely disabled, or plain ole' MIA..
now it is my Time. ...

You just read my last. ...

For those who think they see me in future times I can only wish
you severe Tinnitus in your dreams. For those who know me
well (eMail, whatever) and see me, know I will be smiling also.
It is to you I say "adieu mein frenz and adios .. grazie' [hugs]
for all the Good Times! May you and yours always bear well
with all Life brings you".


And some people wonder why I call them Famous Last Words.
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