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Re: using HTML::Template effectively

Peter Makholm
Posts: n/a
Ben Morrow <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>> It's too much work cleaning up after the nasal demons when they get on
>> your keyboard.

> In principle there are no nasal demons in Perl. If perl ever does
> something undefined, that's a bug in perl (or possibly in an XS module
> you've loaded).

The result of my having both compile-time and run-time effects comes
pretty close to being not really defined and not really a bug.

At least perlsub from 5.8.8 does not specify what happens when you
by-pass the run-time effects, but I'm am pretty sure it would be
considered a bug to remove this "feature" and 5.10 provided a new
keyword just to make this feature official and clear.


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