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Using JNI to Invoke C++ Method in Java via IDE NetBeans 7.1.2
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I want to call a series of C++ routines from java using the Java Native Interface. The IDE that I'm using is NetBeans 7.1.2.

Below is a two part description. The first part is background. It explains how I was told to setup two jar files that refer to my C++ routines. The second part is the wrong part. The second part is my feeble attempt at changing my code so that it invokes a routine in the C/C++ library.

(Part 1)
I setup NetBeans to use 2 dot jar files to refer to my C++ routines. I was told to follow these steps. The steps that I followed to do this are.

Start NetBeans, highlight the name of the current project, right click on it, select Add Library, select Create..., name the library MY_TEST, click ok, press the "Add JAR/Folder..." button, and select the two jar files that were given to me.

The 2 jar files now appear on the left side of the IDE under MY_TEST. Belowthat is a description of each method in the file.

(Part 2)
0) FYI: There is only one class in this simple dot java program.
1) I put a call to a method (my_test) listed in one of the jar files (my_test does not exist anywhere else),
2) in the same dot java file, I created the following routine prototype formy_test:

"private native void my_test()", and

3) at the start of the class (in the dot java program), I added the lines:

static {
System.load ("C:\\User_name_0\\dist\\lib\name_of_jar_file1.jar ");
System.load ("C:\\User_name_0\\dist\\lib\name_of_jar_file2.jar ");

This compiles, but I get the following runtime error:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:...\dist\lib\name_of_jar_file1.jar: Can'tload this .dll (machine code=0x23) on a IA 32-bit platform

What do I do. Would creating a dot h file help.

First Time JNI user
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