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Re: [SI] Doors - "The Words"

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On 6/4/2012 10:21 PM, Savageduck wrote:

> Savageduck (Yours Truly):
> Doors-01:
> This is what happens to barn doors in earthquake country. It hasn't been
> worthwhile closing the padlock on the doors for years.
> Doors-02:


> Peter Newman:
> Doors-01:
> Now just what is it that you keep behind that door that is so essential?
> Especially since there seems to be some evidence of tampering with those
> two holes.


> That asked, there are some nice metallic textures and satiny reflections.
> Doors-02:
> Aah! The vista through the portal. Nice idea, but it seems a bit
> awkwardly twisted.

> Doors-03:
> OK! The rose trellis forming a doorway is great, but the image through
> that door is disturbing. This is a case of some experiment going
> terribly wrong, and I am not sure how you managed to do that. I am not
> buying the deliberate abstraction alibi.

I tried to change some colors in the garden and apply a selective
Gaussian blur. No! it was never intended as an abstract.

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