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Re: [SI] Doors - "The Words" (for the late comers)

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Savageduck escribió:

> ...and then Pablo with his contribution, made from that small piece of
> Spanish soil which shall be forever England.

I went into a restaurant last night and the owner admitted that he depended
on the Brits for 50% of his income. And this is inland.

> Pablo:
> Doors-01:
> Nice detail of the steel door, with lock & chain. This could have
> easily been an entry in the previous SI. Nice shot.

A donkey stall.


> Doors-02:
> Now that is an "Old World" portal. The fasteners are quite interesting,
> and it appears not to have been used in our lifetimes. Another
> interesting find.

A previous picture of the pump house:

Now abandoned and they've drilled a new well just 20 metres away and built a
new pump house over it.

> Doors-03:
> There seems to be no dearth of old doors in your part of Spain. This
> shot is a nice idea, but is a bit too peek-a-booish through the
> foliage. With 20/20 hindsight, and not knowing the exact circumstances
> of you capturing the shot, I would have preferred if you had been able
> to avoid the closest group of OOF branches and leaves. Otherwise
> another interesting door shot.

Noticed it while walking past. Couldn't get much closer. I was actually
getting bitten to death whilst standing on a wobbly stone.

> All in all nice work. Keep at it.

Thank you. Follow-ups removed.

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