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Re: Doors - "The Words"

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On Jun 4, 10:21*pm, Savageduck <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:
> On 2012-06-04 16:16:35 -0700, SI Committee
> <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
> >

> Damn! This is getting so encouraging I am just going to have to make a
> few comments.
> Tim Conway:
> Doors-01:
> At some time this could have been an interesting choice of door.
> However there seems to be something very wrong regarding focus in some
> of the recent images you have submitted, this is another. The entire
> image is OOF. I suspect there is an issue with the camera, and/or lens
> you are using. I am thinking of the focus issues with your Macro-03 &
> Macro-03.
> Savageduck (Yours Truly):
> Doors-01:
> This is what happens to barn doors in earthquake country. It hasn't
> been worthwhile closing the padlock on the doors for years.
> Doors-02:
> P-51D undercarriage doors, are doors, aren't they?
> Doors-03:
> This was a door on a galvanized metal feed bin. I guess somebody got
> frustrated opening the door and tried to use a 12 gauge "master key".
> then he or others just shot it up in frustration.
> Tony Cooper:
> Doors-01:
> Great old weathered paneled door showing a wonderful patina on the
> hinges and the blue framing contrasted with the faded red wall. Nice.
> Doors-02:
> Your back room?
> I was hoping for something like this, and you did not disappoint.
> Another shot I like, of what looks like a well used library.
> Doors-03:
> Great texture captured with the contrasting light showing through the
> interior door. It seems somebody without beer decided to go right in.
> BTW: if I didn't know better I might believe you were dabbling with a
> little tone work, or dare I say it HDR here.
> Mystery Shooter (Could this be Sid or Otter?):
> Doors-01:
> Nice B&W work of an interesting doorway. It would be great to know more
> of the history of this place. What is truly odd is, they chose to fit a
> fire hose connection in the bricked up doorway.
> Doors-02:
> Another nice B&W conversion. Great texturing, and patterns created by
> the brickwork. Then there is the sense of mystery created by the
> partially open roll-up. They seem to like the idea of odd pipes growing
> from their building.
> Ron:
> Doors-01:
> Interesting capture with an air of mystery created by the wide gap
> between the two doors allowing a glimpse of what is beyond. Even more
> strange is a modern lock which does not look as if it could function
> because of that gap.
> Doors-02:
> This is a wonderful door. Crude in structure, inset into a weathered
> doorway. The textures are well captured. The sprung lintel adds to the
> character of the shot. Nice work.
> Eric Stevens:
> Doors-01:
> Great idea. What you have are actually two doorways connecting at my
> count three reception rooms. The reflected light is an added bonus.
> Doors-02:
> Another pair of doors leading to the unknown. The heavy shadow
> contrasting with the doors lit with diffused light make this one.
> Doors-03:
> Very nice, elegant door with wonderful lock & hinges, but that is the
> best I can say here. I can only say I wish you had take just a little
> more care with the composition, framing alignment, and perhaps a little
> straightening. The other solution might have been to isolate the ornate
> and intricate lock mechanism with a radical crop.
> MG:
> Doors-01:
> Interesting idea. but I would be wary of allowing that odd Irishman
> entry. That shillelagh in his left hand might indicate sinister intent.
> Rich Anderson:
> Doors-01:
> Nice red doors, but the tilt crowding the bottom of the window on the
> right spoils the shot. This is another shot where backing up a bit and
> taking care with vertical lines and composition could turn it from
> being spoiled to being great.

Yes, unfortunately, there was a 300lb table parked right in front of
the doors and I was unable to move it. You work with what you have!
But I could also use a tilt-shift lens for architecture too.
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