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Re: [SI] Macro/Closeup

tony cooper
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Sometimes I comment on all, and sometimes just on a few. The latter,
this time.

Savageduck: An interesting and well-done series of themed shots, but
I would have picked one and found two other subjects for variety. The
Dodge emblem is neat; I wonder what year that was used.

Bowser: The dandelion is in exquisite focus (and all shots in this
month's submissions are not) and brings back memories of blowing on
those things and scattering the seeds. Black and white works here. I
might have cloned or burned the white bud to the lower left.

Excellent lighting on the helmet.

Sid: I would have cropped the pink flower down to just a little more
than the pistils and the petals to the left for an off-center image
that omits the too-soft petals on the right.

The white flower is great on the left side but not so great on the
right side. Again, a little creative cropping could have made a
stronger image. You don't need to show an entire flower.

Frank Ess: The close-up of the sunglasses image is totally without
interest and fascinating at the same time. It's the type of thing
that no one else would photograph, but really does work as an exercise
in close-ups. Points awarded for even thinking of it.

Bob Flint: The snail race is a quite interesting shot with all
contenders in sharp focus. If you can train snails to race, you
should be able to train them to race on a less distracting track.

MG: The Crane Flower is composed nicely. We call those "Bird of
Paradise" plants down here.

The Ladybirds (Ladybugs, down here) are fascinating. I've never seen
any with that pattern. It wasn't until I looked at the title that I
had any idea what you photographed.

Chemiker: The black butterfly is good, but that glass jar should have
been removed in post. It's the kind of element in a photo that makes
you wonder "What is that?" and distracts from the real subject.

Peter Newman: I like that Dahlia, but the border is too much. With
that much color in the subject, a thin red border would work better.
Overload. Nice all-around lighting, by the way.

Dahlia #2 could be interesting, but the image is too small. Nice
detail in the petals.

Alan Browne: The spider's good, and they are harder to shoot than
some think. Hard to get them isolated from the background as was done
here. Must have been in a dark corner somewhere to force you to
1/100th at f/8 and 800 ISO.

Tony Cooper: The anole shot was the only anole I could find blowing
out the throat sac, and he had to be perching on concrete pond
fountain that didn't provide a good background color. The tree frog
refused to pose, so I caught as much as I could.

In Lightroom, my keyword "Flowers" has three entries. Photographing
flowers is just not my thing, but I rather liked this one. Now I have
four images for the keyword.

Good to see so many entries and names.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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