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Re: [SI] Macro/Closeup - Some comments

Andrew Reilly
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On Tue, 29 May 2012 19:17:04 -0700, Savageduck wrote:

> On 2012-05-29 17:21:36 -0700, SI Committee
> <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

> OK!

Indeed! Many photos here, so I'm afraid that my comments will probably
wind up brief-ish, or I'll be here all night...

Tim Conway:
Macro-01: I liked the colour and the detail, was a little uncomfortable
about the effect of the uneven lighting on the metallic lettering to the
left, and the slightly-out-of-focus U.
Macro-02: There seems to be an odd thing going on with the hard edge at
the junction between the top of the strawberries and the white plate, but
I suppose that could be a coding artifact. I can see detail in the cut
slice of the one on the right, but it still seems a bit out of focus.
Really sharp knife leaving too-smooth a surface?
Macro-03: This one doesn't seem quite right: dull colours or something.
Old film?

MacroCloseup-01: Lovely detail, colour and saturation. I like the scuff-
marks on the chrome: stops the whole thing from looking like a CGI.
MacroCloseup-02: Nice all around, and great look to the chrome. If you'd
been a bit more straight-on to the badge, the far edge might not be
drifting out of your DOF.
MacroCloseup-03: Great character, but still clearly looked-after. All
good with the framing and lighting, too.

Richard Anderson:
Fungi on Gravestone: Cool colour, and interesting texture. Lighting
looks a little harsh. Flash?

Macro-01: Very nice detail and separation from the background.
Macro-02: I like this, but it feels like two different photos that don't
quite go together. The top half has interesting texture and that one
crack, and the bottom half has that great hole, rust bubbles and the
mystery of the inside, but it feels a bit odd as a whole. Maybe I just
need to see it on a larger monitor.
Macro-03: I like everything about this one. One of my favourites of the

Closeup-01: This one is probably my favourite of the set. Floating
(motorcycle?) brake disks, right?
Closeup-02: Nice detail of the stamens, but the petals don't grip me.
Closeup-03: Great exposure, nice light, and beautifully deep green

Frank Ess:
Macro-01: While I love the texture on the hose fitting, I can't help
thinking that the bee was supposed to be the focus, but it isn't.
Macro-02: Great, sharp focus with lovely light on an interesting piece of
mechanism. Bravo!
Macro-03: Battery terminals? Very mysterious. Moody.

Dan Petre:

Bob Flint:
Macro-01: I love the idea of a snail-race, and the notion that one of
them couldn't sit still long enough to take the photo.
Macro-02: Another very nicely done dandelion.

Andrew Reilly:
Closeup-1: Lacking an actual Macro lens, I tried to make a pun on "close
up", but Savage Duck is right: it conveys the notion of "up" without
actually being an interesting photo...
Closeup-2: This was actually the second go, which I took because I
thought the light might be a bit better from this angle, and the
background a little distracting. I don't mind the effect, but I like -3
Closeup-3: I should have just gone with this one...

Macro-Azalea: I think this one needs to be either a bit closer (to get
the stamen detail) or a bit further away (to get the contrasting dark
green leaves in).
Macro-CraneFlower: Nice shot, well lit.
Macro-Ladybirds: Neat! I've never seen them like that. Perhaps a little
closer, to crop out the bark on the lower left?

Macro-01: Nice shot of an interesting butterfly. Good separation from
the background and good exposure.
Macro-02: Not sure I get this one. The complete blackness of the
background gives it a Twin-Peaks kind of feel, but it's very stark.

Martha Coe:
Macro-01: The light is quite dull, perhaps overcast, which is sapping
some definition.
Macro-02: This one also needs a little more direct light, I think. I
like the crinkly detail of the central petals, though.
Macro-03: Nice shot of the flowers, but not especially close-up or macro.

Peter Newman:
Macro-Dahlia: Quite an abstract effect with the strong light and fully-
black background. Striking.
Macro-orchid: Great exposure, and close enough to be nearly abstract, but
not so close that it can't be recognised. Love the colours.

Alan Browne:
Macro-01: Yep, that's close.
Macro-02: I expected more creature photos for a macro set, but this one
makes up for the lack. Love the way the back-light shines through the
Macro-03: Lovely detail and great textures. I think I would have
preferred more of it to be in focus, but as it is the selective focus
emphasises the gnarly shape quite nicely.

Thanks all!


Andrew Reilly
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